AKC French Bulldogs

   Luv For Frenchies!!


                   Hello & Welcome To My Site!

My name is Debi, I would like to start by telling you a little bit about myself and how I got started with this wonderful breed. I am a small family owned breeder that specializes in French bulldogs. My family & I live in Michigan in the north end of Lansing located toward the Dewitt area.

The first time my husband and I ever laid eyes on a French bulldog was back in 1987 when we were on a mission to find the perfect family pet for our two boys. The breed I had in mind was a Boston terrier since this was the breed I was raised with as a child. We were talking to a family member about wanting to find a Boston terrier for the kids & by coincident he just happened to know someone that was looking to find a good home for one. It was funny because when we went to see the little guy we learned right away he wasn't a Boston terrier at all. We weren't sure what type of breed he was at the time but defiantly knew he was a bulldog of some sort. To make a long story short we fell in love with Spike & his lovable personality & took him home that day to be our family pet & have been hooked ever since.

From that day forward the FRENCH BULLDOGS have touched our hearts & lives like no other breed. Since 1987 we've owned twenty-one frenchies...."Spike" was our very first, then came "Odie", then "Kishka", "Kaila", "Khloi", "Kelsi", our blue brindle girl "Kyann", our blue boy, our blue boy Diesel, our blue boy "Kadin", our blue fawn pied girl Monae', our blue fawn girl "Chamoi", our solid blue girl "Teagen", our blue brindle boy "Tobias", our blue piebald girl "Rikia", our blue brindle girl "Harley" our solid blue boy "Jacoby", our blue saddle back pied girl "Kishka II, our blue brindle girl "Baby", our blue covered in cream boy "Remi", our little blue fawn piebald girl "Cicada" & our lilac girl Cali 

These little dogs have brought so much pleasure and joy to our lives I decided after raising Spike & Odie as pets I wanted to breed these wonderful little dogs so to share the joy these wonderful dogs has brought to our lives to your lives. To give loving people and family's such as yourselves the opportunity to own this wonderful breed and learn just as we have there is NO other breed like the French bulldogs!! 

The French bulldogs really are an AWESOME breed!! If you have never owned a frenchie your missing out on a wonderful breed and all the GREAT quality's this breed has to offer as loving pets & companions to you and your family!

This brings us to where we are today! Thank you for stopping by.....